2017 - 11-12 - 'A Visual of Living Hope' by LindaWilliams
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Dana Lewis is a special church sister. She greatly encourages me and, I'm sure, doesn't even know it.
Kevin Lewis, a church brother, who always has a smile and kind word for everyone.
Dana and Kevin's son, Keelan, is a very special young man.
The second Carly in my life, Carly Lewis, and her Mom, Dana, what a sweet family!
A precious young lady that I love, Hannah Snavely
Front row L to R: Some of my closest Northern Hospital work family - Brian Beasley, Robin Hodgin, and Sheila Easter. This is the best work group on the planet! Back row: Sheila Orem, a precious church sister who at one time did work for the hospital, so we've known each other for quite sometime.
Vicki Snavely is another precious church sister who is near and dear to my heart.
Keith Jones and I grew up a very short distance from each other, so we've known each other for a long time and share early memories.
The man who fills so many roles in my life that I simply don't know where to begin. I'll just say that he makes my heart sing; love him so much!!
Our dear neighbor, friend and church sister, Deidree Speas who happens to also be one of the best cooks on the planet!
Deidree's sweet husband, Randy Speas
What a special woman Teresa McMillian is to me!
Teresa is a dear church sister.
Ralph and Debbie Gwyn are a really sweet couple. So blessed to have them at Hope!
Ralph Gwyn is a church brother and such a special man.
Jack Arrington is my sister-in-law, Ruth Williams' brother. We had never met and only realized this connection at Jack's baptizing earlier this year. He is such a dear man.
Mikki McCraw is a young church sister who is near and dear to my heart. She is in Hope's praise band and her smile just lights up a room!
This gentleman and his wife are new to Hope and I'm going to have to work on their names. I'll hope to have them down by next week!
Basil and Jeanette Haunn are special friends of ours.
Like me, Jack Arrington's body has been attacked by cancer. We both know who is really in charge!!
Jeanette Haunn and I have been friends for longer than I can remember. Our sons, Matt and Nathan, were best friends in school. She has impacted my life in ways she will never ever know. Love her!
Gracie Jones is a dear church sister. She is always so humble and kind.
This young lady, Angie Thomas, may have the hardest job in our church for she is the preacher's wife. She handles this role with such grace that I'm sure she was called ever bit as much as her husband, Pastor Anthony.
Randy Hall is a sweet church brother. He's a true fighter, surviving several health issues since I've known him at Hope.
This sweet couple is Patricia and Brian Hill. They're always busy working in and for the church and just a joy to be around.
Pastor Anthony Thomas, a man called by God
My wonderful, wonderful boss, Ned Hill, who is the CEO of Northern Hospital.
Sweet church sister, Jennifer York.
Jennifer York is a dear friend to me. She is not only a church sister but a distant cousin. Despite both of us living in Cana all our lives, we really never knew each other until we met up at Hope. She has a remarkable singing voice.
Such a sweet couple, Gracie and Marlie Jones. Always blessed by them!
Jennifer and Bobby York along with their wonderful family add so much to our church.
My boss, Ned Hill, is such a fine young man. His parents can be very proud of how he turned out!
If I had hand picked a boss, I could not have done better than Ned Hill!
Ginny Miller is one of our newcomers to Hope. Love to see her smiling face on Sundays.
My brother, Bobby Jones, and Laura Beth Parnell, the sweet woman who cares for him. Bobby has an amazing love for the Lord. Laura Beth is another "daughter" of mine. We are so blessed by both!
Ila Easter is such a sweet girl. I love seeing her smiling face on Sundays.
Brian and Ginny Miller are such a nice couple and are newer to our church.
Jason Easter is a fine young man who usually has his daughter, Ila, in tow.
Dr. Dodd is my family physician. Over the years, he has taken good care of me. He truly can see the whole person and not just parts!
Vanessa Payne has incredible strength. I love vicariously watching her weekend ventures via facebook of her and her little niece, Marissa Sawyers. She captures the outings so well that I almost feel like I'm there! :-)
My brother, Bobby Jones, meets my boss, Ned Hill for the first time.
Bobby Jones and Ned Hill discussing how Ned could possibly be related to the Cana Hills.
I owe a lot of thanks to this man, Dr. Mark Dodd, who has taken care of me and given me some really good advice over the years. I don't think I have ever left his office without some bit of wisdom.
My family doctor, Dr. Mark Dodd, a very special man indeed!
This special young man, Daniel Monday, is near and dear to my heart. Not only is he my brother in Christ; but, his mother, Mary, and I went to school together for many, many years. She was a very sweet and humble woman.
Bonita Combs is a sister in Christ and another distant cousin of mine. I didn't get to know her well until we met up at Hope and am I ever glad that I did. She is a sweetheart!
Donnie McMillian is such a man of God. It is amazing that he is a very "young" Christian. Some people just take off on fire for the Lord and Donnie sure did. He has blessed me in so many ways!
Lisa Cornell is a very special church sister of mine with such a gentle spirit.
My testimony
Chad Cornell is a church brother who just oozes of happiness and it's quite is contagious!
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